Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Happy Bunny Baby Quilt' Pattern.

I’ve always liked the happy animal drawings of the thirties and fifties, and so have drawn these very happy bunnies in the quaint style to make into a baby’s quilt. Simply embroidered in mostly Stem stitch, the bunnies work up very quickly. My quilt is tied rather than quilted, which gives it a soft fluffiness to delight any baby. My neighbour (Mrs. Martin of Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop) says the ties look carrot tops, which is perfect! Or you might wish to quilt your version.
Finished quilt measures 125cm square.

Pattern available at Etsy as a PDF file. If you want a paper pattern, email me:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Penny Rug

The Penny Rug is easy and lovely. I'll tell you more later.... I have to measure it... I think it's 130cm x 110cm?? Something like that. I will look into it... just wanted to get it on.

The pattern is extremely comprehensive. I hate it when you buy a pattern and you can't understand how to make the thing.

Pattern available at ETSY.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meadow Butterflies (Summertime Series)

This pretty scene conjures up summer frolics through the country paddocks of my childhood. My brother and I grew up Wandin North in the Yarra Valley and roamed far and wide with the other children in our street, over fields and through the bush. The groves of trees at the edge of the fields always looked pretty to me, and I have drawn and embroidered the scene many times in my work.

Available at Etsy as a PDF file.

Ladybird Melodies (Summertime Series)

Another in the ‘Summertime’ series, this pretty embroidery is full of singing and summer busy-ness. It is pleasing to create the arbor and then to stitch Wisteria up its branches, as if our winter turns to spring as we work.

Pattern available at Etsy as a PDF file.

Summer Bees (Summertime Series)

These cheery, humming bees buzz around a delightful summer garden, full of blooms and bugs.

The design incorporates traditional embroidered flower designs from our mothers and grandmothers fancy work, and can easily be added to with other favoured flowers.
I have worked this embroidery four times to date, with varying hues. One is very bright and fluorescent, one pastel and the others in rich, soft tones. I can’t decide which is best, but have given colours for the piece photographed, which matches the other embroideries in the summertime series.

Pattern available at Etsy as a PDF file.

Robbie Burns "I Dream'd I Lay...'

I once read the complete works of Robert Burns without pause, and was delighted by its happy rhythm. His poems are songs, with or without the music. Burns was such a cheeky, hearty fellow, I couldn’t help but laugh and smile my way through the text.
The embroidery is lovely to stitch, with its subtly blended colours and fat, red rosebuds. It’s a peaceful scene. I’d be pleased to lay under its golden trees on luscious green grass, dreaming in the sunshine!

I dream’d I lay where flowers were springing,
Gaily in the sunny beam;
List’ning to the wild birds singing,
Beside a falling crystal stream:
(Robert Burns 1759-1796)

The Pattern comes with a printed deep ivory silk slip. The colour doesn't quite pick up the richness of the fabric. I'll have a go at photographing the fabric to post as a seperate picture (mine is on satin backed shantung which is both unavailable and nowhere near as nice).

Pattern available at Etsy as a PDF file.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This embroidery was inspired partly by the beautiful wooden fretwork on the church organ at my childhood Sunday School. The delicate fernery surrounds a ring of old-style Sheaf stitch, which is beautifully textured and a pleasure to employ. The stitches frame a sweet blue-bird of happiness carrying a letter to. . . someone special!

My friends have embroidered their childrens names and birthdates within the circle, above and below the bluebird, or it would be nice to commemorate a wedding.

The bluebird is such a nostalgic motif. I had a little brooch as a child that I loved, and bought some also for my own daughters.

Instructions are thorough in all of my patterns, with illustrations and good descriptions throughout.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A Place to find my Fancy Work patterns and kits...

Here you will find all of my Fancy Work patterns and kits. The kits have printed fabric in addition to the instructions, but not threads.

That's me again. I must get the other two photo's in the set put onto disc, so you can see naughtiness in action, and not just this little sweetie pie pretending butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Beguiling her father at an early age, although I don't think it would have taken much to win him over.